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  • — March 17 2020

    Alpha 0.9.11

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed some icon issues in the Integrations form
    • Fixed a bug where pushing elements from Sketch containing a unicode character didn't work
    • Fixed a bug where an exportable artboard within Sketch couldn't be exported within the Inspect
    • Fixed a bug where a component override wasn't taken into consideration within the Inspect
    • Fixed a bug where the update button stayed at "update" after deleting a merged pull request branch
  • — February 27 2020

    Alpha 0.9.10

    Bug fixes

    • Expand the limit of repositories shown within the selector
    • Fixed a bug where a WOFF2 font can't be pushed
    • Fixed a bug where the JSON format doesn't work
    • Fixed a bug where an unnamed image can't be downloaded
    • Fixed a bug where a components whith a smart layout can't be pushed
  • — February 19 2020

    Alpha 0.9.9

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where design tokens with a "/" in their name will create a directory on Github / Gitlab after synchronizing an integration
    • Fixed a bug where some fonts name could cross over a select
    • Fixed a bug where some wording was missing within several modals
    • From now on the information panel will always be displayed
  • — February 5 2020

    Alpha 0.9.8

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where users can't navigate within the library after adding a member to it
    • Fixed a bug where members of a library can invite someone to join it. Only the owner can do it
    • Fixed a bug where the right panel does not show text style properties when the HSL(A) format is selected
    • Fixed a bug where the edition of an unnamed text style was impossible
  • — January 31 2020

    Alpha 0.9.7

    Duplicate your library

    From now on, you can duplicate your library by clicking on the option icon "..." while hovering your library card.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where the profile settings does not load
    • Fixed a bug where a confirmation text does not appear within a modal
  • — January 9 2020

    Alpha 0.9.6

    Push Text styles from Sketch

    From now on you can push your text styles from Sketch via the plugin. No more struggling adding one by one your text style within the app. The plugin also pushes the font(s) related to your text style(s) within your library if they are not already in it.

    Optimizations and adjustments:

    • The plugin is automatically updated alongside the app
    • The plugin is creating a text style and a font category if none exist within the library when you push your text style
    • Optimization of the management of the organizations within the settings
    • Add value to the fixed height and width constraints within the inspect
    • Optimization regarding the import of components
    • Optimization regarding the import modal within the app

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug when you open the app you are not located in the right space
  • — November 27 2019

    Alpha 0.9.3

    Export panel

    A new panel is available within the inspect system. This panel is detecting all the exportable asset of a component. The ice on the cake is that you have access to presets according to the platform selected among a custom tab.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where the push of components do not occurred
    • Fixed a bug where the constraints do not appeared correctly
  • — November 14 2019

    Alpha 0.9.2


    • Adding links to the documentation is now available
    • Optimize the navigation between components within the inspect system
    • Some loaders have been added and updated within the app

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where you can open a link within Specify instead of the browser
    • Fixed a bug where the avatar can't be uploaded or updated
    • Fixed a bug where the library timestamp isn't updated
    • Fixed a bug where the integration status isn't updated
  • — November 6 2019

    Alpha 0.9.1

    Additional links

    From now on you can add external links from tiers services to your components. Meaning that you can add a link to a documentation such as Notion or a repository link to your developed component. You can edit them in the right panel of your library when selecting a component. However you can only view them in the inspect system.


    • Optimize the navigation between components within the inspect system
    • Optimize the zoom according to your component size
    • Optimize the drag and drop system within the left panel of your library
    • Add components section and category to the Template library

    Bug fixes

    • Fix a bug where the position of a subcategory could be wrong
    • Fix a bug where the viewer empty state within the Integrations tab does not appear
    • Fix a bug where the Github and Gitlab logos do not appear in an integration card
    • Fix a bug where you can't rename a category in the main view of a library
  • — October 30 2019

    Alpha 0.9.0

    Share your components to you co-workers

    We've added a way to share a component from the inspect system. Two links are available: one shareable link for the web and another one for the app. Both can be copied in on click allowing you to quickly share it to your co-workers.

    Constraints are available within the inspect

    You can now inspect the constraints defined from Sketch relative to the layer you're inspecting.

    Automation on the creation of a category

    When you're about to push symbols in a library that doesn't have any component category, the Sketch plugin will automatically create one for you.


    • Component import performances have been improved
    • Library elements suppression has been improved
    • The drag and drop performances has been improved when moving a large amounts of elements
    • An animation has been added when hovering the text copier
    • The WYSIWYG text editor has been added to the description of an element on the right panel of your library
    • The empty state are now centered within the main view of the app

    Bug fixes

    • Fix a bug where the cancel button confirmed the suppression of a linked element
    • Fix a bug where it was impossible to delete a Slack channel
    • Fix a bug where you could find the header of the inspect on the error page of a shared library in your browser
  • — October 22 2019

    Alpha 0.8.3


    • Improve the loading modal when importing components and images
    • Improve the loading time of the components upload
    • Add pro tips in the loading modal when importing components
    • The style of your description texts are now copied from one description to another

    Bug fixes

    • Fix a bug where the import failed when importing more than 50 components at a time
    • Fix a bug where the import modal could freeze
    • Fix a bug where you could rename a library with a name already taken by using the tab and enter keys
    • Fix a bug where the cursor wasn't located at the right place when editing a category title
    • Fix a bug where you couldn't add a color when pressing the enter key within the modal
    • Fix a bug where the shortcut Cmd I isn't displayed in the view tab
    • Fix a bug where the order and hierarchy of the layers are wrong
    • Fix a bug where a new category created wasn't selected by default
    • Fix a bug where adding a Slack channel wasn't possible
    • Fix some wording regarding the component import on the Slack message
  • — October 10 2019

    Alpha 0.8.2

    Push components and update them

    Thanks to our plugin, you can now push all your components from Sketch to your Specify libraries. Once pushed, we automatically track your components in order to make their update easier through the plugin.

    Inspect system

    You can inspect your components through our brand new handoff system. Developers can inspect measurements and extract every data needed from a selected layer. This inspection is available in the app but also in your browser within the library shareable link.

    Connectivity and dependencies

    Every variables specified within your library will be linked to your components, starting with colors today. Meaning that instead of displaying the raw value of a token we directly show its name from your library. In addition, we are able to compare which ones are unknown so you can add them to your existing library.

  • — June 13 2019

    Alpha 0.7.1

    Bug fixes

    • Fix infinite loader for the images preview in the inspector
    • Fix a bug where the integration page doesn’t load properly after reloading the app
    • Fix the fonts and text styles empty states
    • Diverse optimization for Intercom
    • Fix the icons selection on the code view
  • — June 2 2019

    Alpha 0.7.0


    We've reshaped the way users are displayed within the app. You can now add an avatar to your profile from your personal settings. They are displayed on every library cards so that you can easily see who is a member of your library. Also, you can find back the avatar inside the people page of your organization.


    The last update contained the introduction of the image management within the app. You've been able to add them manually. From now on, you can push images from Sketch with the plugin.


    • You can rename a category and subcategory directly in the main view. In addition to the right-click in the main panel
    • Loaders are now available within the app
    • The filename field is now displayed at the last position
    • Cmd A allows you to select all the item at once in the main view

    Bug fixes

    • Fix an issue where the selection with Shift doesn't work properly
    • Fix the ghost when you drag and drop an icon
    • Fix a bug where the people page can be displayed in the personal space when you switch between both spaces
    • Fix several typos
  • — May 22 2019

    Alpha 0.6.0


    Many of you have requested this. You are now able to upload images as a new token within the library. Meaning that you can now add manually your logos or illustrations for instance. Of course, images can be delivered through the continuous delivery system.

    Design token page revamp

    Initially in the Integrations tab of your library, the design tokens have been moved in the library main view. Making them more useful and accessible. It means that you can now see your "design" and "code" version of your tokens in the same view.

    We've also improved the performance of the update system and fixed the preview of some fonts that didn't load properly.

  • — May 10 2019

    Alpha 0.5.3

    Components resizing

    You can find a slider at the bottom of the app allowing you to resize your components. Each resize is personal and impacts all the tokens of the same type. It allows you to display components the way you want without impacting your co-workers.

    Component background color

    If your text styles or icons are white, it's difficult to see them properly on a white background within your library. That's why we've added 4 new backgrounds you can choose from in the inspector panel. It's only available for text styles and icons.

    Creation and edition of an integration

    You can now create an integration even if your repository is completely empty. Once created, you can also edit it in order to change the information provided at the creation.

    Google Fonts

    You can now add fonts from Google Fonts!


    • The 8 digits HEX format is now available on the design tokens and integrations pages
    • Harmonization toward the color format in the design tokens page
  • — May 2 2019

    Alpha 0.5.2

    Bug fixes

    • Fix an issue where some invite tokens has been used but actually they are not.
    • Fix an issue where the download of the app does not occurred properly.
    • Fix an issue where the suppression of a section, category and subcategory do not happen.


    • Optimize the password reset system
  • — April 25 2019

    Alpha 0.5.0

    Personal space

    Today's release is focused on the creation of personal space. Before, if you wanted to use Specify you had to be part of an organization. This is no longer the case. The difference with the organization space is that you can invite members directly in the "members" section of your library!

    Bug fixes

    • Some icons couldn't be downloaded into png.
    • The text-decoration now appears on the information panel.
    • Viewers no longer see the "add description" label within a library.
    • Fix a bug where some fonts in local could generate an error when loading.

    UX enhancements

    • Your linked Sketch Libraries are now listed in alphabetic order.
    • Changing a role will be applied instantly meaning you don't need to reload the app anymore.
    • Add the Cmd F shortcut to access the library search bar.
    • You can now export your fonts and text styles code in SASS.
    • You can now update the existing element in your library by using the plugin. You just have to add the same name of an existing element in order to update it.
  • — April 4 2019

    Alpha 0.4.0

    Shareable link

    Starting today, we’re releasing a new feature which makes Specify much more accessible to anyone in your company: the shareable library.

    You can now share your library with anyone in your company with a unique link. It means the application isn’t mandatory anymore. For example, this will allow you to share more easily your brand assets to the marketing or sales department.

    With this update, we took the opportunity to add some meaningless changes regarding some UI elements of the app.

  • — March 28 2019

    Alpha 0.3.4


    A new update is here! With some exciting stuff. Many of you asked us to improve the documentation part within the app. We’ve heard you and here is the first version of the library documentation. You can now add specs below each subcategory of your library with a simple wysiwyg editor.

    Bug fixes

    • Fix a bug where the line height and letter spacing field were locked at the edit of a text style.
    • You can now add emojis in the title of a category or a subcategory.
  • — March 12 2019

    Alpha 0.3.2

    UX enhancements

    • When you drop several items at once, Specify will keep in memory the initial select order of the components after the drop.
    • With the support of text styles comes the bond between several tokens. For instance, a text style might depend on a color and a font file. When you delete the color or the font associated to the text style, you will now get a warning message explaining the consequences of their suppression. This message will appear when you delete a section, a category and a subcategory which contains the linked components.
    • The edition of a text style is now possible by right clicking on it or through the information panel.
    • You can now edit a color by right clicking on it.
    • We’ve harmonized the wording used in both native and custom pop in.
    • Reduce the height of the component placeholder when you drag an element within the app.
    • You cannot create a new library with a name that is already used by another library.

    Bug fixes

    • Fix a bug where the comments in a Sass file wasn’t in the right format.
    • Fix the preview of some fonts which didn’t load properly
  • — February 28 2019

    Alpha 0.3.0

    Text styles management is now available

    You can now manually add text styles within the app. Your text styles will be linked to the fonts and to the colors you’ve previously added to your library. Here are the text style’s options you’ll be able to customize:

    • Name
    • Font family
    • Font style
    • Font size
    • Color
    • Line height
    • Letter spacing
    • Text transform
    • Text decoration

    Once added, you can use the Continuous Delivery System feature through Github and Gitlab in order to send your text styles to your codebase.

    NB: The synchronization of a text style through the Sketch plugin will come in a future update.

    Fonts through the continuous delivery system

    In our previous update, we allowed you to import font files inside your libraries. However, implementing those files inside your web project requires you to write your own @font-face declaration. With this new update no more hassle since we automatically generate this CSS code for you.


    • The blank template now integrates a sample of the left panel hierarchy.
    • The plugin will automatically be installed when you install Specify for the first time.
    • We’ve added the size information for fonts and icons.
    • Specify will remember the opening state of each section in the information panel.

    Bug fixes

    • Fix a display bug where a component’s name is too long which generates a horizontal scroll in the panel.
    • The update of a category’s description is saved and dispatched to the other users.
    • Fix a use case where an automatic scroll happened when you drag and drop a component.
    • Fix a bug where the Drag and Drop of a category / subcategory / section while it was being renamed.
  • — February 11 2019

    Alpha 0.2.5

    UX enhancements

    • You can now open the information panel by double clicking on an element in your library.
    • Remove the gray line at the bottom of the last section.
    • At the top of it, you can now select the component’s name and close the panel by clicking on the cross button.
    • We’ve added a video introduction for new users when they arrive in the app for the first time.
    • Auto focus on the HEX field when adding a new color within the modal.
    • We’ve added 4 lines of comments within the file created when you sync your repo to Specify. It mentions the fact that this file is created by us and shouldn’t be edited manually in addition of the update date.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix the empty state for roles that cannot create a library.
    • A category which doesn’t contain any component won’t display an “Export” section in the Information panel.
    • Fix the message when your invite token is already used or has expired.
    • Fix a bug where the new category modal submit button was clickable even if the category’s name field was empty.
  • — February 6 2019

    Sketch plugin

    Sketch 53

    • Support new feature of Sketch 43, exporting names of document colors and of your Sketch libraries when you push a color to Specify
  • — January 29 2019

    Alpha 0.2.49

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix the height of the description’s field which in some cases didn’t adapt properly to its content.
    • Fix the overflow of a color name which was too long in the search field.

    UX enhancements

    • We’ve set a character limit when creating and displaying a category within the app and the Sketch plugin.
    • We’ve improved the display of a category’s title when the app window size is at its minimum.
    • The left panel of the integration section has been modified. You can now see the title of each section.
    • A new empty state is now available when your filter search returns no result.
  • — January 17 2019

    Alpha 0.2.48

    Font management is now available

    You can now add fonts within your libraries. Specify supports local and custom fonts with the following file formats:

    • OTF
    • WOFF
    • WOFF2
    • TTC
    • TTF

    After you’ve added your files, your entire team will be able to download them in OTF, WOFF and WOFF2. The ice on the cake is that you can plug your code repository allowing you to send your font files into it.

    Bug Fixes

    • We’ve managed to fix an issue where Specify didn’t support the mask included in an SVG icon.
    • A fix has been deployed related to some user who encountered difficulties disconnect their Github account.
    • Fixed the links provided in the Slack message related to the creation of an integration.
    • Fixed the label of the button when you add a category within your library.


    • From now on you cannot open or close a section, a category or a subcategory with the ESC key of your keyboard.
    • We harmonized the label “Delete” when you delete a section, a category and a subcategory.
    • When you create a section, the button to add a category will automatically appear.
    • From now on all the external links (Github, Slack, ProductBoard, Intercom) will open in your default browser.
    • The size of the app window is now saved.

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